Zubtitle Review – How to Create Awesome Social Media Videos Like Gary Vee

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In this Zubtitle Review, I’ll show you how to Create Awesome Videos for Social Media Videos with Captions, Headlines, and a Progress bar. 👉 Try Zubtitle

Creating social media videos in Gary Vee Style used to be a tedious task. Not anymore.
In this Zubtitle Review, I’ll share with you everything you need to know before you decide to purchase or try Zubtitle.

What is Zubtitle?

is a web-based video editing tool that you can use to create social media videos in minutes by integrating A.I and Speech to text functionality to automatically transcribe your audio to text.

In fact, Gary Vee uses this all the time to repurpose videos and create social media content.

Using Zubtitle you’ll be able to;

  • Automatically transcribe your videos into text,
  • Create videos with headlines, a progress bar,
  • Create social media videos with captions,
  • Automatically resize your video for different social media platforms.

Let’s dive in.

Who uses Zubtitle?

Zubtitle can be used by anyone but more specifically;

  • Content creators that want to repurpose their videos for social media,
  • Podcasters that want to pull in more viewers from social media,
  • and freelancers that want to offer social media videos as a service.

If you’re looking to create social media videos without any need to know how to use a video editing application, then Zubtitle is a great option.

What are the Pros of Zubtitle?

  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Excellent Auto-transcription feature
  • Creates videos Fast
  • You can change the font and colors to match your branding
  • You can edit files after you’ve published
  • You can export different files for specific platforms
  • Download SRT files for repurposing
  • Zubtitle is available as a web-based video editor and also works on iOs and Android devices.

What are the Cons of Zubtitle?

  • One free (Trial-Video)
  • Could use a few more styling options
  • You cannot edit the video in Zubtitle. 
  • It lacks a desktop application

Zubtitle Pricing

Zubtitle offers 3 subscription based plans

  • 1 Free Trial Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Elite Plan

All plans include;

  • Automatic transcription
  • Progress bar animations
  • Logo upload 
  • Video resizing
  • Custom headlines
  • Caption styling & positioning
  • 200+ preloaded fonts
  • Download .SRT file
  • 60+ supported languages

    1. Free Trial Plan
    The free trial video that’s packaged in the basic pricing of Zubtitle is pretty limited because it offers only 1 video trial. That’s it.

    Once you utilize your 1 video, you’ll have to pay to create more social media videos using Zubtitle.

    Although the free trial plan offers one trial video only it offers a good feel of what Zubtitle can do and the best part is that you can edit the social media video and test out the different styles you can have for your videos. 

    2. Standard Plan
    This is the ideal pricing for content creators, podcasters depending on the pieces of content you want to promote as social media videos per month.

    What you’ll get;

    – 10 video per month
    – Pay annually and you’ll save $38
    – Premium Support
    Get 2 months Free by purchasing the Standard

    3. Elite Plan
    The Elite plan of Zubtitle is best suited if you’re a content creator or freelancer with a huge workload and need about 30 social media videos per month.

What you’ll get;

Zubtitle Features

The main features of Zubtitle include:

  • Automatic Transcription into text and captions
  • Headlines
  • Progress Bar Animations
  • Auto-Resize Videos for Different Social Media Platforms

Automatic Transcription 

80% of Social Media videos are watched with the sound turned off. 

If your social media video doesn’t have subtitles (open subtitles) chances are people will ignore and scroll past your content. 

Zubtitle automatically transcribes your video into captions/subtitles and adds the subtitles to your video.
The transcript that is generated can be downloaded as a text document or as SRT subtitles.


A headline in social media videos is the title of the video.

Using Zubtitle’s Title Editor you can create top border headlines that will inform, educate, captivate and glue people to your content.

It is very important to keep the headline short and detailed.

Progress bar Animations

A progress bar is a good indicator of how long the video content is and how long a viewer needs to keep watching.

Social media videos are short and on to the point, therefore having a progress bar will help your audience know how long the video is and also indirectly play with the psychology letting people watch the whole video.

In Zubtitle, you can customize your progress bar as you wish and it’s simple to do.

Auto-Resize Videos for Different Social Media Platforms

Zubtitle allows you to create a video once and publish for multiple platforms by changing the aspect ratio.

You can change the aspect ratios into;

  • 16:9 – Widescreen
  • 1:1 – Square
  • 4:5 – Portrait
  • 9:16 – Verical

This is a little tedious to do but it comes in handy when you have to create content for different social media channels. 

Support 60+ Languages

Zubtitle is not limited to automatically transcribing English videos into text to create social media videos. 
It’s possible to work with video files in 60+ more languageS.

What are Zubtitle’s Video Requirements.

Zubtitle (at the time of writing this article) supports videos that are;

  • Less than 1 GB in Size,
  • Less than 20 minutes or less in duration,
  • Up to a video resolution of  4096 x 2160,
  • Videos that are in the .mp4, .mov or .m4v formats

How to Use Zubtitle to Create Social Media Videos Like Gary Vee

  1. Sign up for a free Zubtitle account

2. Upload video that you want to use as your social media video (Ensure the video is the final copy -no editing will be required)

3. Zubtitle will automatically transcribe your video into captions

4. Edit the subtitles correcting grammatical mistakes, punctuation where applicable and correct names.

5. Customize the look of your video – headline, progress bar, the caption position, fonts, colors, logos, etc
Change the aspect ratio to fit your desired social media account

6. Produce or download your video for the specific social media platform you need (You can always change the aspect ratio and download the video again.) 

Here’s a video on How Zubtitle Works.

What is Zubtitle Missing?

Personally, I feel that Zubtitle is touching on all aspects of an excellent online video editing tool to create social media videos.

A desktop application would make an excellent option if it’s available with the option to automatically transcribe the video from the cloud and edit the files offline.

Zubtitle FAQs

1. Is Zubtitle Free?

Yes, there’s a free trial plan to try out Zubtitle that offers only 1 video. 

Although this is limiting, you can always edit the trial video that you have before deciding on purchasing the Standard or Elite plan.

2. What is Zubtitle?

Zubtitle is an online editing tool that you can use to create social media videos like Gary Vee in minutes by integrating A.I and Speech to text functionality to automatically transcribe your video to text.

3. Is Zubtitle any good?

If you’re looking for a solution to create social media video fast, Zubtitle will do that in record time.

Verdict and Recommendations.

I’d recommend Zubtitle to anyone that’s interested in creating social media videos fast and easily without the need to learn video editing.

Zubtitle Review Conclusion

Captivating and engaging your audience needs to be your number 1 goal and short videos especially on social media is proving to be the winning ingredient.

I hope that after reading this article you’ll be more than ready to try Zubtitle and create your first social media video without complex video editing applications.

This article means nothing if you don’t take action, try out Zubtitle and see what you can create.

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