Types of Freelance Jobs Newbies should Apply to on Upwork

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The number of jobs posted on Upwork by clients on a daily basis is a lot. This, however, does not reflect the ease of landing a job especially if you are a newbie (new freelancer). This is because a newbie has no Upwork job history or feedback.

Other than not knowing how to build a compelling profile and crafting a converting cover letter, newbies have problems landing jobs because they are unaware of the types of freelance jobs to look out for.

It took me about a month to land my first job on Upwork, therefore if you have not yet landed a job read through to the types of freelance jobs you should be applying to on Upwork.

If you prefer watching videos, here’s a video on freelance jobs you should apply.


1. Freelance jobs that encourage Newbies to apply.

Nobody on Upwork begins with crazy reviews and job histories. We all start off from zero- No job history, no feedback etc. Therefore the first type of job I would bid for is one that allows new freelancers to apply.

newbies are welcome to apply

New freelancers, watch out for jobs that encourage newbies to bid because most of such jobs are easy to do and usually demand less of the freelancer.

Such jobs help freelancers gain popularity, confidence, and experience that enables them to work on higher leveled ones.

2. Jobs with low pay

Take this advice with a grain of salt. Jobs that offer low pay are a good way to start out on Upwork.

The only major requirement to the freelancer is -you have the ability to handle the job in the shortest time possible and with excellent results.

To this day I still apply for low paying jobs to boost my freelancer rating.

New freelancers should also not miss low paying jobs, especially if they require an excellent profile containing job history and feedback.

As mentioned before, such jobs help in gaining popularity and building profiles on Upwork. So, if you are just starting out, watch out for such opportunities and apply every time.

3. Jobs posted by new clients

*This is my favorite*. Many freelancers (experienced and newbies) shy away from new clients and clients with unverified payment systems. I take advantage of this situation.

Take caution to always ensure that the client verifies their payment system before you submit any type of work. – Very Important.

Jobs posted by new clients

As a newbie, you have a high chance getting such jobs posted by new clients because most freelancers avoid new clients for several reasons.

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4. Short Contract Jobs

Short contracts jobs are quick ways of making money, building confidence in clients and gaining experience. 

If you work well these clients often become return clients/ A freelancer who always has short contracts that he/she completes and closes frequently gains better experience and feedback than those who wait for few longer contracts.

New freelancers always have a hard time getting jobs on Upwork ( and other Freelancing Websites) but if you apply to the job types I have highlighted above you can never go wrong.

I used this strategy when I was starting out on Upwork and I continue applying for these types of jobs every time I need to make some quick money and also to improve my feedback.

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37 thoughts on “Types of Freelance Jobs Newbies should Apply to on Upwork”

  1. David, I have followed your advice. My profile is 100% complete! I just haven’t added the Odesk Certification thing. Don’t know how to. And a video shot.

    My job quota is 20 and am seeking out these low paying jobs for newbies like a madwoman. Thank you!!!

  2. I have tried getting jobs on both elance n Odesk but no results am almost giving up. I don’t know what am not doing right.

    • Hello Winnie,
      I feel what you are going through. Sometimes it gets quite frustrating when it comes to landing some of this contracts. Not to worry.
      Firstly, I would recommend that you check on your cover letter (does it address what the client is looking for), how is your profile (is it complete, does it have relevant samples and tests) , thirdly what competition are you up against and finally is there alot of competition for the jobs you are applying to.
      Feel free to look at some of the reasons as to why other contractors are being chosen.

      8 Possible Reasons Why You are not Getting Hired on Odesk

  3. Thanks for the great insights here. I have been shying off clients whose payments have not been verfied for a reason. When I joined odesk I didn’t know the difference but after training I got a different perspective from this post today. I will give it a try again since I didn’t get in the past, I will try again.

  4. The content is informative. I believe this we lead to my first contract. I haven’t secured one since opening of my account.

  5. Wow! Great reading this at such a time with an account on Upwork and not knowing how to go about it. Thanks David, you’re my eye opener. I’ll try to complete my profile before bidding, my biggest mistake. I believe, after reading, digesting and putting into practice, I will surely land my first job.

  6. Hi David,

    A friend gave me your contacts after realizing I was about to be conned 10k.
    I will shorten my story.

    The last time I worked on upwork was when it was oDesk.

    Thereafter I got too busy with family and college so I left.

    That was in 2014. when I went back everything was different and I didn’t know what to do.

    I contacted someone who told me to give 10k for him to help…and as you can imagine, I had no money.

    I called a friend who gave me your contacts.

    By the time I left, I had done 347 hours, 20 jobs and my profile is 100%. I kindly request that you please help me to pick from where I left.

    • Hi Janet,
      I’m not sure if you got the help you needed. Did you?
      Considering that you were already getting hired, it’s not that hard to get work.

      Just apply to work that you are confident you can handle and avoid over-applying.
      Considering that your profile has been inactive for a while this is problematic with Upwork and they might end up suspending or closing your profile.

      Let me know if you need any further insights but you can check out my YouTube channel for detailed video Tutorials.


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