How to Teach or Train Otter Voice Meeting Notes Your Voice for High-Quality Transcripts

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In this video, I’m going to show you how you can teach or train Otter Voice Meeting Notes, your voiceprint for higher quality transcripts.

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So as I’ve mentioned, we need to teach Otter AI our voice.

Different people pronounce different words differently. And for most of us and for example, English is a third language to me.

So it’s important that we can teach the AI how to better understand our voices, especially when we record videos or audio files and use Otter to automatically transcribe our audios into text.

So to begin, you need to have an Otter account and you can sign up for Otter from the link below.

So once you’re signed in, then you’ll need to open the homepage and for this video, we’re going to be using the web version.

You can also record your voiceprint in the Otter app that is for iOS or Android, and record your voiceprint for Otter to better understand your conversations when you upload your audio files to be transcribed.

So once you’re logged into version, then you’ll need to come to the drop down here, and click on account settings.

Once you click on account settings, you’ll see all your details in here.

And then there’s something called my voiceprint.

Teach Otter your voice so it will recognize your recording.

So you can just click on that.

And this is the conversation that you’ll need to read out so that Otter can learn your unique voice.

Everybody has a unique voiceprint, so it’s easy to use Otter to learn your voice and better transcribe your audio files or video files.

One ingredient for this particular piece to work well is that you need to record this particular section in a quiet place, and also be as close to the microphone as possible. So that Otter can pick, how you speak and your unique voice.

So what we’re going to do now, I’m going to tap on the microphone to begin recording.

So I hope that it’s recording my microphone.

So that’s one thing and if you scroll slightly down, you’ll see try speaking as close to the microphone as you can tap record to begin.

So number one, there a couple of things you need to do here.

Let’s see, just just click on start recording. I hope it picks my mic.

I’m not sure which mic it’s going to be using.

Let’s just click on start recording, and I’ll do the recording.

‘Hi Otter, my name is David Mbugua and my occupation is video editing. I found out about the Otter app from a Google web search.

Otter is a smart note-taking and collaboration app that empowers you to remember search and share your voice conversations.

Otter helps you capture and manage valuable information that is communicated verbally every day, through meetings, video conferences, interviews, sales pitches, school lectures, and other important conversations.

Since the transcription is 100% automated, Otter may not recognize everyone perfectly, especially if the audio quality is poor.

For best results, place Otter within 3 feet of all speaking parties, speak clearly and minimize background noise and speech overlap.

So give Otter try, and send us your feedback inside the app.’

So once you’re done recording your sample voiceprint then you’ll click Save recording and if you feel that the recording was not good enough, you can click on- I wish to try recording again.

I’ve done that a couple of times. But this is the clean version of my voiceprint.

So let’s just click on save this recording. Let’s click on it.

So here you can see that I’ve done a couple of takes and retakes, but I’ve decided to save these particular voice- voiceprint so that this is going to help Otter better recognize my audio and video files when I upload to the Otter application.

So I hope that this video is going to help somebody improve and get better quality transcript from Otter, by training Otter to know how they speak, everybody has a unique voice.

Everybody has a particular voiceprint so I hope that this is going to be beneficial to anyone, and I hope that you’re going to utilize it to the best of your ability.

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