4 Reasons Why Taking Skills Tests is Good for any Freelancer

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Are you new to Freelancing? Taking relevant and skill related tests on freelancing websites is important. The most important test on many freelancing websites is an English Test.

It is very crucial that you take and pass English tests.

They help potential clients evaluate if you can understand what clients need and with the consideration that most of the jobs on freelancing sites are posted in English.

The reasons why taking skills related tests is good for any freelancer are many but here’s why you should take a few skills tests.

1. Evaluate Understanding of a Particular Field

Tests are generally used to gauge one’s understanding and knowledge depth in any field. This is no difference in the online freelancing world.

Creating an effective odesk profile requires taking and passing skill relevant tests, which will indicate your expertise in a given field.

Clients are interested in freelancer that have taken tests in fields related to particular job posts. Do not overlook the importance of taking tests.

Most freelancing websites have a readiness test. On Upwork, in addition to the readiness tests, you must take the English basic tests, spelling tests, and the relevant skills tests.

It is not compulsory that you pass a skill test, however, do not display low results on your profile as this will not work well with any potential client looking into your profile.

Take the relevant skill tests, and ensure you score above the pass score.

Display skills tests that have excellent scores- most freelancing websites have options to make test scores that you failed private.

2. To fill your profile.

If you feel that your freelancer profile is more of a skeleton, taking tests will add more information to your profile while giving you an upper edge to landing clients.

Tests help to fill your profile.

3. Help you rank higher on freelancing websites.

If you want to be noticed by clients for your skills, take a test. During my few years I noted that having specific tests on my profile helped me rank higher on specific skills search.

When and if a potential client searches for freelancers with regard to the Knowledge of Camtasia skills test, I always show up in the first page because I rank 3rd in that test.

camtasia skills test
Knowledge of Camtasia Skills Test

4. Land you a job.

Tests will help you land a job faster than any of the other freelancers (competitors) you applied to the job with.

Basically, tests help separate qualified freelancers from unqualified ones. This does not mean that freelancers that have not taken skills tests are unqualified for the job.

In this case,tests help employers decide the freelancers to hire, who have the skills they need to handle their jobs.

Taking a skills test is easy on most of the freelancing websites. Tests help you rank higher, fill your profile, land you jobs and also show potential employers that you are qualified.

If you have other reasons why taking tests is important to a freelancers career kindly comment below, or on  Freelancer Insights Facebook Page or you can Contact Me if you are in need of advice on taking tests.

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10 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Taking Skills Tests is Good for any Freelancer”

  1. Dear David, I must say I am learning a lot from your blog on the do’s and don’t’s on the online jobs. I am a newbie. Thank you very much.

  2. Great insight. Am newbie. Am really having difficulty with my profile. I have done mostly data entry as a career according to odesk they’re not accepting data entry as a title. What can I do?

    • Hello Faith,
      Thank you for your comments. As for what to write as the title, I would inquire on what you mostly use for the Data Entry.
      If for example you say Excel, then set the Title as Excel Expert. Thanks.

  3. Hallo David, good job you are doing there. I’ve a question, do I have to quit FREELANCER beside joining UPWORK? Thanks in advance.

  4. Hello David, thank you so much for the helpful and thoughtful blog. I had tried freelancing and given up because I didn’t find any client on upwork and my account got closed. But now am ready to give it a second shot. I know am a good article writer


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