How to Write Upwork Proposals that Get You Hired – (Sample Included)

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Just like in any other job application, Upwork freelancers depend on exemplary proposals to land an interview and get hired.

Your proposal is probably the only chance to show competence and understanding of the job description to a potential employer or client.

It is your first opportunity to shine and provides the potential client a short glimpse of the success you may bring.

Therefore, do not forget to tag along with your personality, experience, and enthusiasm when writing your proposal.

Generally, honesty and professionalism are paramount to attracting an employer through a proposal.

However, it is understandable that the proposal details may be complicated.

To prepare an irresistible proposal, follow the below guidelines;

1. Begin with a professional yet warm greeting

Encourage your prospective employer to look forward to working with you by your warmth and politeness. “Dear Mr.,” “Dear Madam/Sir” would be excellent.

If you are unsure or unaware of the employer’s name, use “hiring manager”. Nonetheless, simply saying “Hello” is professionally appropriate in Upwork.

2. Hit the points

State your reasons for applying for the almost immediately after the greetings.

Avoid unnecessary talk, and just state your appropriate skills for the specific job as well as where they can obtain further information about your experience.

” I’m quite familiar with TypePad and WordPress. I managed a team of ten writers as a chief editor in for three years. Kindly see samples of my own writing available in my portfolio.”

3. Focus on the highlights

Several postings provide hints about the appropriate skills the desired candidate should possess. Use the resume to highlight these.

Employers feel that you are right for their positions if your skills are in accordance with the job requirements. Repeat the employer’s needs for the tasks and your criterion suitability.

The job posting specifies that you require a candidate with a creative writing background. I have worked as a creative writer for the past one year, and also written personal creative books and plays for the local theatre”.

4. Follow Instructions

In most cases, especially in Upwork, potential employers ask candidates to perform certain requests in their proposals.

Employers use these instructions while weeding out spam applications.

If there are questions to be answered, make sure you answer them in your resume or if there are specific keywords to be included, ensure you do exactly that.

As a bonus, you can let the employer know you are making their hiring job easier, by pointing out that they had requested for these specifications.

Provide information on where to obtain the requested samples by saying, “Kindly trail these links to the requested samples” or Please visit the links below to view the requested samples.

follow instructions
Put “Pink hat” at the top of your cover letter.

5. Closing Remarks

Ensure you make the employer aware of your availability and make an invitation for further discussion.

This politely reinforces your interest in working with them and hints on your request for consideration.

I’m excited to assist in contributing to the success of your blog”.

Use “Best Regards, Respectfully, faithfully or sincerely, then your name” to emphasize professionalism.

6. Reread and edit before sending

This is compulsory for all forms of writing. Before sending your resume, revise the job description.

Countercheck if your proposal addresses all the criteria and instructions indicated, and ask yourself if you would hire yourself for the position with that write out if you were the employer.

Upwork Proposal Sample

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23 thoughts on “How to Write Upwork Proposals that Get You Hired – (Sample Included)”

  1. I was constantly applying jobs without getting hired for several weeks until I learnt how to write an attractive cover letter.Respect David for sharing this secret.A good portfolio included in the cover also guarantees you as a freelancer to be hired.


    • Hello Jemima, Thank you for taking time to read my blogpost. I am glad I was able to be the eye-opener on crafting cover letters that make the client feel the need to get you to the interview stage. All the best.

  2. This is very good information that you have shared. Thank you for taking time to guide those of us who would like to work online. God bless you.

  3. Thank you. For the first 5 jobs, I have been using ‘Hello!’, but I think I shall go back to the time and tested greeting Dear Sir/Madam.

    Wisely using these tips for the rest of the 15 jobs available in my quota for bidding…

    • Yes Joy, testing various greetings and sign off is very important.
      If a client has their name on the job application always ensure you mention that for example, Hello David, . I am looking forward to hearing from you on your progress.

  4. Thanks a lot David Mbugua , for the information you have shared,… I believe it will help me in creating my Odesk account. at least now i have some knowledge of what it takes.

    • Ann, Thanks for reaching out.
      What sites were you were working on ? It is always possible for you to reactivate you Upwork or Elance or simple, sign up afresh on the sites and if you have the necessary skills start bidding on jobs and you will get work.

    • Hello Susan,
      Thanks for inquiring on what “pink hat” is. Pink hat was a simple illustration of what some clients request you to put on top of your cover letter just to ensure that you read everything.
      I believe that this helps. Thank you so much for reading my blog.

  5. Hi David,
    Wao! have learnt a lot be I was learning and now I know very soon I will need this information.
    Thanks a lot and be Blessed Keep up the good work

  6. This is very informative. Reading your blogs is getting me somewhere even though I have not landed a job yet. Keep the spirit.

    Do you have something oh how your profile should look like especially when you don’t want to bias on a specific job?

  7. Thanks for the tips David.I wrote my first cover letter today.I have the confidence to bid more now.My problem is that i dont have a portfolio yet.I have never written before thus making it super difficult.What do i do?Thanks in advance.Be blessed


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