How to Rotate a Video Without Losing Quality Using Lossless Cut

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In this video, I’ll show you how to rotate a video without losing quality using Lossless Cut. Get Lossless Cut

Video Transcript

In this video, I’ll show you how to rotate a video without losing quality using Lossless Cut.

Welcome to this video. My name is David.

Quick scenario; whenever we take videos using our phone sometimes we tend to forget and just let the phone remain in the portrait view. And most of the videos that we record, are in vertical mode or portrait view.

What if you wanted to rotate that video into a landscape view?

And I have an example, and this is a video. It’s just my son looking at an aquarium and the video is in vertical orientation. Now, this is not really usable if you’re looking to create a landscape type of view of your video.

So what we are going to do is convert this particular video without losing quality, without rendering into a landscape view, a type of video using Lossless Cut.

Now, Lossless Cut is a free application that works on Mac, Linux and Windows, and you can download it from the link below. And basically if you don’t know how to download it, I’ll have a video on how to download it and use it.

So what happens is we just going to drag and drop our video that is in vertical orientation and this is the video.

So, this is what it looks like.

And that last let’s cut can be used to merge videos without using quality, without rendering is just a quick not time-wasting kind of process.

But for this video, all we want to do is just rotate this video.

To rotate this video all you need to do is just come to these particular icon icon.

And the set out hood rotation currently is, do not modify.

If I click on this, it’s going to rotate our video into a landscape view, and this is a zero degrees and all that.

And you can see now the current rotation is zero degrees.

So this is what we’re looking for, and this is our desired effect.

So if that’s all we wanted to do, all we need to do now is just click on Export.

Now, once we click on export, you have the export options where you can set the output container format.

Currently it is set as MP4, but there different formats that you can choose from. MOV, Matroska, MP3, whatever that you want.

Now, I just want it to remain as an MP4.

And the video has two trucks, the video and the audio truck.

That’s good.

You can include more trucks or export each truck as individually.

Let’s say you had a voiceover for this particular video, so you can do that. And then, you can save output path and this is the output path that contains this particular video.

You can change that if you want to just click on it and navigate and save what you wanted to.

And the output name, you can change this. This one is defaulted to the different variables they’ve set here.

You can change that to whatever you want, but I’ll just leave it as it is.

And then the different output advanced options here.

So I’ll not change anything else I’ll just press, export.

Just click on that. And it’s done.

It’s on the other side and you have a notification here.

“It’s done. Note. Cut points may be inaccurate, make sure you test the output files in your decided player or editor before you delete the source. If output does not look right, see the Help page.”

You can close this now. We can close this.

Now, now our vertical video, this video that looks good and all that is now converted or rotated into a landscape view.

And there we have, it looks good.

It takes no time. Lossless. So there’s no loss in quality.

And I think that that is a fast and easy and free way to convert or rotate a video into the right orientation using Lossless Cut and without loss in quality.

Thanks for watching this video.

My name is David until next time, stay safe and never stop learning.

Thanks for watching.

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