How to Re-Transcribe Audio or Video in Descript

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In this video, I’ll show you how to re-transcribe audio or video in Descript.

Video Transcript

In this video, I’ll show you how to re-transcribe audio or video in Descript.

Hi, my name is David, welcome to this video.

Quick scenario, let’s assume you’ve uploaded a video or an audio file onto Descript and Descript automatically transcribed the audio, or the video.

And let’s assume you’re not satisfied with the type of transcript that has been output. Maybe Descript, skipped some few sections.

You can always re transcribe your audio or video, but it’s going to come to at a cost of some extra minutes for you.

So how do you do it?

So I’m inside my workspace here with a file that has already been transcribed.

Now, what you need to do is you need to come to the left, and you can expand the sidebar, so that you see the project files associated with this particular composition.

So this is a composition.

But you’ll see there’s a folder with the project files.

Click on that particular folder, you can actually just click on this particular arrow, and it’s going to expand, and you’re going to see the different files that are available.

So for example, the project files available here, there’s an audio and then there’s an image.

So what we need to re-transcribe is this particular audio file.

And all we need to do, when you’re hovering over this particular audio file, you can still expand this so that you see maybe if you had multiple audio files, that you can see or video files for for life for that matter.

So as you can see the audio and the title, it’s the particular file that you need.

Now, the three dots on this edge, you can just click on that.

Once you click on that, a drop down will appear and there are a bunch of options to create a composition from file, create multitrack sequence, all the way to re-transcribe file.

Now from this option, you’ll see there’s a question mark.

The question mark clearly indicates that you will be charged transcription minutes when you retranscribe a file.

Which is pretty much Okay, you are going to be using Descript’s resources and all that.

So let’s do this.

Let’s just click on retranscribe the file, just click on that.

And once we do that, you’ll get a couple of options here, transcribe one file, and then up to 95% accuracy.

And this is still the old same way of doing it, how we used to do it in previous tutorials I’ve done on the channel.

So you can create composition, you can detect speakers if you had multiple speakers for the particular audio.

And that could also be one of the other reasons why you wanted to retranscribe your audio, chances are Descript might have not picked the different speakers and you want to redo the transcript.

So we have three options here, automatic that is Descript to automatically transcribe and that is when it’s going to cost you some of your minutes.

Either use the White Glove service where you have to pay an amount of money to have the transcript or the audio or the video transcribed into a transcript.

And then you have the option to import a transcript if you have one.

So let’s click on automatic, and we’ll create a new composition for this.

And then I’ll just click on transcribe.

Once I click on transcribe, a new composition will be populated here, you’ll see some loading bar here showing that a transcript is being generated.

Now, all we can do I see what is going on here.

Your transcript will be ready in minutes– in a few minutes. Add or detect speaker labels while we transcribe etc.

Enter speaker name, I can just enter my name, let’s say, David. Add. Just click on that.

You can create a new composition if you do not select it in the previous section.

Just click on done.

Now, it’s already done transcribing, it’s pretty fast as I was typing, it was done.

You’ll see your transcript here, the different issues here and the way I know it’s already transcribed is because all these filler words are not removed. It’s still the same.

And if I click on the initial composition here, you’ll see that this is a little bit refined slightly with some slight edits, not so much.

But basically you’ll see it’s different.

And also, the loading bar on the audio is not there anymore.

So you can click on this and you can make the different edits that you want to make for this particular transcript that has been generated.

So that is how you can retranscribe audio or video in Descript.

I hope this video has been of value.

My name is David. Until next time, stay safe and never stop learning.

Thank you for watching.

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