How to Purchase Amazon Gift Cards Using PayPal Balance

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In this video, I’ll show you How to Purchase Amazon Gift Cards on Dundle Using PayPal Balance.

NOTE: If it’s your first time using Dundle you’ll need to verify your identity using your National ID card, Passport or Drivers licence.

Video Transcript

In this video, I’ll show you how to purchase Amazon gift cards on using your PayPal balance.

Hi, my name is David.

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Now, when I check my Amazon cart, I have a gift card balance of about $75. But my cart has two items that are costing up to $121.

Now I need to top up about $46.

And I don’t want to use my credit card or anything of that sort.

So Dundle is going to help me buy an E card gift that I can use on to top up that particular balance that I need.

So this is the website, you get payment cards.

And you can check out what’s available here, the popular ones, the gift cards available, the Amazons, GameStop, Netflix etc.

Gaming credits if you need.

If you scroll down, you’ll see everything else that’s available from the gift cards, just the same things now in tabulation form here for you to see.

So let’s just click on Amazon gift card.

And once you click on Amazon giftcard.

The reason why I selected United States is so that because my paypal account is a $ account, then I need to pay in dollars to avoid the conversion rates that might be set up by this particular website when they send you the particular invoice you’re supposed to pay.

So we we need to buy the gift card of $50.

And it’s an instant delivery via inbox, and it’s redeemable in the United States.

So you need to select if it’s or whatever Amazon you want to redeem this, ensure you select the correct one.

So I’ll just click on buy now.

And this is what we need redeemable in the US.

It’s going to cost me about $1.26. So it’s going to be about $51.26 for that.

So let’s go to the checkout option.

And then we’re going to enter our email address here, the email address that I need this particular code that is a gift card code or redeemable code to be sent.

And then I’ll just click on checkout.

And then an email is going to be sent. And then you’re going to see a subtotal of about $53 that is going to be applied. So it’s 0.42 plus 3.9%. That’s okay with me.

Feels a little bit at least she has $3 extra to the 50 that I wanted, and then click on checkout.

Now since I’m already logged into my paypal account, it’s going to create the order and then the verification since it’s successful, it’s going to redirect me to pay for this particular order.

Now for some strange reason it’s giving me this particular conversion.

I’m not really sure why I need to do all this conversion.

So it’s going to be $6 extra maybe it’s because of the location of my PayPal account.

I don’t know. But either way let’s just go with it.

And then click on Continue.

Let’s see if we are going to actually get this particular code that we want.

Please wait a minute- your order- your payment was successful.

You’re almost done.

And the order– complete.

Verify with shufti .

I’m not so sure what’s that.

Please verify your order.

To receive your products please upload a valid ID, passport, driver’s license to verify your order right after that you’ll recieve your products.

Must be completed to receive your order.

If you do not verify you will not receive your products and cannot order from us again until you do.

Verify now.

So I’m not so sure.

Help us– I declare. Continue.

National ID.


So the information is being verified.

Please wait extracting first name

So I had to deactivate my webcam for this to work I did not want to have my money disappear.

Extracting first name.


And make edits if needed.

Next processing data, please wait verifying document.

So that’s a national ID… please wait while–

Verification successful and then once it’s successful, PayPal is going to automatically process this particular transaction.

Click on proceed.

Just skip.

Redirecting, please wait.

Your order has been successful, your payment was successful.

You’re almost done.

Collecting your order now.

So you can check out your order here or from your email, just copy this and then let’s redeem our particular voucher.

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