How to Permanently Add Subtitles to A Video Using WinX HD Video Converter

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In this video, I’ll show you how to permanently add subtitles to a video using WinX HD video converter. Get It Now 👉

Video Transcript

In this video, I’ll show you how to permanently add subtitles to a video using WinX HD video converter.

Welcome to this video. My name is David.

And you need two things to do this.

Okay, basically three things.

You need when x HD video converter, and you can check it out from the link below.

Number two, you need the video that you’re going to be burning the subtitles to.

And obviously, you need the subtitles that you’re going to be burning to the video.

So I have the application, the video and the subtitles.

So let’s begin.

So I’ve already opened WinX HD video converter, and all we need to do is either add the video from here or from here.

So let’s just click here.

And you can also add the video from DVD or YouTube.

But let’s add a local video.

And you’ll see all these things, it looks pretty basic– crystal clear, straight on.

Just click on that.

And from that, you will need to navigate to the folder with the video that you want to burn subtitles to.

So let’s select that.

And then click on open.

And once we add our video, what we’re going to do is we’re going to get a pop up that shows us what output file do we want.

So recent, there’s a recently used profile.

This is an mp4 which is recommended- standard mp4 and the codecs and all that.

Low quality that is LQ. And it’s fast to be rendered or to burn in or converted.

But also you can slide these two high quality video, bigger size but better quality.

So let’s say we go with that.

And since this is a small video, there is no issue.

So let’s assume that’s what we select, click OK.

Now once we click OK, you’ll notice that there is no subtitle.

So what we can do, we can just click on this.

And then we can add an external SRT.

An external SRT or an external SubRip subtitle is what is required.

So let’s just click on that…”With the recent updates, you know, easier than before”… video starts playing, but we don’t want it to play.

So we can just have it at the start on… “YouTube transcripts”,

Just basically somewhere there.

And then you’ll see the different options from this pop up.

You enable subtitle an inner subtitle oil extra, let’s just click on Add and then navigate to the subtitle that we want.

I have a bunch of them. And I’ll select the English one. Just click on that.

And then click on open.

We’ll have to add that.

And if you scroll, you’ll see like nothing has happened.

And then just click on apply to all.

So once we do that, you’ll see now that we have a subtitle.

You can just see that info, you can click on edit.

If you wanted to make any edits to this particular video. But we don’t want to do that.

You can also choose to rename the file, if that’s something that you like.

And also the settings you can just see the settings of their particular output from this particular section.

You can change the profiles and all that.

But that’s not what we want to do, we just want to burn or permanently add the subtitles to this video.

So if you’re ready, you’ll notice that on the side– on the right, there’s hardware accelerator is turned on that is depending on your system, your laptop and all that either Intel, Nvidia, AMD whatever is available, use high quality engine you can do all this, but there’s no need to make all these things.

You can also merge video files.

If you have different video files that you wanted to add, manage them without the video subtitles. That would be awesome.

And then this is the destination folder.

So let’s just run this and see the result of you’re going to get this click on Run.

It’s going to actually start converting our video and burning in our subtitles to the video.

So it’s almost done remaining time about seven seconds. So there we go.

And it’s going to open the output folder.

Once it’s done just click OK.

And it’s going to open the output folder if we just double click on it…”With the recent update on the YouTube Interface it’s now easier than before to download YouTube transcripts. Hi, my name…”

Let’s just go to the start.

“With the recent update on the YouTube interface. It’s now easier than before to download…”

The subtitles have been permanently added to our video and if I just right click go to subtitle you’ll notice that you have the option to add a subtitle that is as a sidecar and all that but this one is permanently burned in because there are no subtitle tracks that are active.

So we can just see how it looks like and it looks pretty good.

It has done a pretty good job.

That is how you can permanently add subtitles to a video using WinX HD video converter Deluxe.

Thanks for watching this video.

My name is David.

I hope this video has been of value to you.

Thanks for watching

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