How to Make a Circular Webcam Video in OBS Studio

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In this video, I’ll show you how to make a circular webcam video in OBS.


In this video, I’ll show you how to make a circular webcam video in OBS.
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So I’m inside OBS and , for this to work, you need to have a mask.
And a mask is just simply something like this.
An image with the dimensions of the what you have as your video capture input. That’s the dimensions.
And then something round like a white circle here.
This is inside Canva, pretty basic to do.
So let’s go back inside OBS and let’s see, we add our video capture device.
And once we do that we want to just create new. Okay.
And by default it’s just going to start picking up our webcam video, because that is the video capture device.
You can also select any from here that you have attached to your a laptop of computer, whatever you’re using. And if you want to make any changes, you can make your different configurations in here.
But I’m okay with this particular video, it’s just a webcam video as it is.
So the reason why we need to do this is because let’s say we want to have a webcam video at the bottom, as we explain something of our browser, or our presentation.
So we’ll start off by just doing a maximize of this.
Let’s just fill out everything and kindly forgive the lighting and the webcam quality. It is what it is, but we have to make due with it.
So , , the next thing we need to do is just add the filter or the mask that I show I have displayed in , , in the recent section. This particular mask.
So I’ve already downloaded these particular image.
And all we need to do is just , , click on filters or you can just right click, click on filters. And inside the filters section, just right-click add.
And then go for image mask or blend, just click on that. Click on okay.
And once you’re inside the , , image mask or blend options , , there’s, the type alpha mask -color channel, this is what you need to use.
There’re other different options available and you can play around and see , , what the , , what results you get from this.
So let’s browse for , , our image.
Just click on browse and it’s in the downloads- black image with white circle for mask.
Just click on that.
And what happens is that this white area is what will be visible.
The black areas will not be visible.
So once I add this particular , , image, just click on it, now we have a circular video inside OBS.
So let’s sa y , , we had a different color , , since these section -the round section was white, then the color code. FFFFFF , that is the hex code, is for white.
Let’s say we select a different color. Let’s say black we see what happens.
If we choose black, then this area goes black because , , these area is not , , is actually what we’ve now said. Hey, take out the rest, which was , , outside here and make this section not visible. So , , let’s just go back to the default -white.
Okay. And there we have it.
It’s pretty awesome. , looking better , , nobody even might even recognize if the light is a poor quality or even the webcam is poor.
So just click close and there we have it.
Now we can just readjust this. ,
Let’s say we press on ALT so that we can crop in. , There we go.
And then we crop in this other section by pressing ALT and moving the mouse.
And once you’re satisfied, you can now hold the edge and then just drag it to where you want it.
Let’s say you wanted to fit in there and then pull it to the end.
And then let’s say we add , , like a new source.
Let’s say window capture. , let’s just add a window capture. And once we add a window capture, let’s say, we want to like have , , let’s say, we want something like Chrome.
Let’s just click on this.
, Or , , better yet let’s just cancel, just click on window capture, select this particular section Chrome, Google exe.
So let’s say we have that.
Now since , , the window capture is above , , our video capture device or the webcam we need to adjust that.
Just , , take it down and then we have our webcam on top.
And there is their webcam , on top of , , the , , window capture that we want to capture in our , , presentation or video.
So whether it’s a game you’re playing a showcasing, a gameplay inside OBS, then this is how you can create a circular webcam video , , so that it can get out of the way , , of your , , video experience. And , , people can appreciate the content without obscuring the content being watched.
So that’s it.
That’s how you create a circular webcam on video in OBS.
Thanks for watching, until next time, stay safe and never stop learning.

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