How To Hardcode .ASS or .SSA Subtitles To A Video File Using Handbrake

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In this tutorial, we’re going to Hardcode or burn-in .ASS subtitles to a Video using Handbrake.

In this tutorial, we are going to hardcode dot ASS subtitles to a video using Handbrake.
Hi, my name is David from where we believe you should never stop learning.
Here’s an example of the expected output of what we should expect from our subtitle file and our video file once you use Handbrake to burn that inside the video.
So let’s just double click on the sample file. ‘With the recent update- ‘ Now you can basically see, there is, a subtitle fire with a dark, background. And if I click on play – ‘update on the YouTube interface, it’s now easier than before to download YouTube transcripts. Hi, my name is David from, where we believe you should never stop learning. This video is an update.’ Now, basically what you see is that you can see the subtitle file is down here and up here, and this is a dot ASS file that has been burnt in to my video. And, I used Subtitle Edit to prepare, the subtitle file. The dot ASS and for some of the positioning, for example, the upward positioning, I used Aegisub to do the positioning to show you that you can do different kinds of positioning for your subtitle file. So basically, for everyone to just get a hang of it and how it looks. So that’s what are we intending to do at the end of this video? So basically the requirements, you need your video file that is this file. This one doesn’t have the subtitles burnt in and your dot ASS subtitle file. That is a dot ASS subtitle file is Advanced Substation Alpha subtitle format and a dot SSA is a Substation Alpha format. They are similar subtitle formats they’re, usually considered a similar format. So basically you need your video, your dot ASS, or SSA subtitle format, and you also need an updated version of Handbrake. And, the version, I’m using it version 1.3, and, any, I’ll, I’ll put in links in the description below if you need to see the, particular applications. So the first thing we need to do, we need to open up Handbrake. Let’s just open it up. Once a Handbrake is open, all we need to do is, we need to import our video file, inside Handbrake. So we will just come here and just drag and drop. This is the file that doesn’t have the burnt in, dot ASS subtitle file. So we just do that. And the next thing you need to do is that you need to set the preset. And I’ve already walked you through the process of burning in a dot SRT file, insert Handbrake. In a previous video, you can check it out from the card above. So, since my video is in at 1280 by 720, I’ll go for the general- very fast. And everything is sorted there. The next section I need is the subtitles. And, in the recent past, we only had import SRT subtitle, but in this updated version, and you can check it out here about, well, version 1.3.0, we have the option to import subtitle. If I click on it, I’ll get the option to import ,SRT. SSA or dot ASS. So what I need to do is just select this, dots ASS and click on open. And once I click on open, my file will populate. and as I mentioned in the previous video, Handbrake needs to sort this issue out so we can see the length and the title, clearly to know what subtitle file one is, is burning in or embedding inside the video. So once you do that, you need to tick the burn in and then, you need to select the save as option. Where you want to save your file. I’ll just browse, go back to the desktop, where I have the other file, and then I’ll say hardcode ASS sub – sub.MP4 and click on save. Now once that is done, the next step is just click on start encode. Basically, that’s all you need to do. And your file will be hardcoded. That is your subtitle file- ASS subtitle file will be hard coded. Now the reason why you may need to use a subtitle file in the format of ASS or SSA is that ASS and SSA, caption formats support text fomatting, text positioning, styling, fonts- different fonts, different colors for different subtitle files that you’re working on inside the same subtitle. That is, if you want to position a caption block at the bottom and you also want to position another one at the top or on the side, in the middle, you can easily use or export your subtitle format from one or the subtitle editors. For example, Aegisub or Subtitle Edit it using the dot ASS or dot SSA subtitle format. So basically it helps you to have that flexibility in that you can style your caption files whichever way you feel, you want them to look and feel. So basically that’s why this was really important to the video community and freelancers. And since it’s a free option, then it makes it easier if you have projects that require open captioning that involves a lot of styling and all that, and you not need to cough any amount of money to do that. So basically our encoding is done. And we just need to review the file to see if it is, as we’ve seen in the demo, at the beginning of the video. So basically this is the file. I’ll just double click on it. ‘With the recent update on the YouTube.’ So here it is. Hard code ASS sub ‘-interface– it’s now easier than before to download YouTube transcripts. Hi, my name is David From, where we believe you should never stop learning. This video is an update to my video on how to easily download YouTube subtitles.’

Now basically, we can appreciate that the subtitles are burnt in to the video and they adhere to the styling of the subtitle file, that we already we already, worked on. So basically that’s how you can easily hard code a dot ASS or a dot SSA subtitle file using Handbrake.

This is a fast look video of the process with the recent update to Handbrake and I really appreciate the work that Handbrake has done towards ensuring that we have the option to import dot ASS or dot SSA subtitle files. If you’re interested in learning how to caption and in subtitle videos, kindly enroll for my course from the description below.

Until next time, thank you so much for watching this video. Never stop learning and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye bye.

With the recent update to Handbrake, to version 1.3.0, it’s now possible to burn-in .ASS subtitles directly using Handbrake.

Many people have requested this feature to be added to Handbrake over the years and it’s a good thing that the developers are listening.

For this to work, you need your subtitle file (.ASS or .SSA), your video file and an updated version of Handbrake (preferably Handbrake 1.3.0 and above)

Download Handbrake:

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