How to Edit or Make Videos for Beginners in

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Today, I’ll show you How To Edit or Make Videos for Beginners using ? Join InVideo Today: ? → Use Code for 25% Discount: DMB25

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Editing videos can be intimidating and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Today, I’ll show you how you can edit or make videos for beginners using

Welcome to this video. My name is David.

And before we begin, let me just give you some few reasons why you need to consider

The number one reason why you need to consider is that, it is a free online video editor that you can sign up for and use without using or adding your credit card.

So that’s always the downside to many applications, is that they require your credit card.

With InVideo, you don’t need to add your credit card, you can sign up and start creating videos in minutes.

A couple of limitations is that your video will have a watermark.

? Join InVideo Today: ?
→ Use Code for 25% Discount: DMB25

And number two, some of the premium assets will not be available in the free plan. Therefore, if you’d like to get a 25% discount, for any plan that you choose, then use the link below and then use the code DMB25 to get 25% discount off your particular purchase that you make.

So that’s reason number one.

Reason number two, with InVideo, you can create eye-catching and gold standard videos in minutes.

You don’t really need to be a pro, all you need to do is use the assets available and then just have an idea of what you need to create.

And then use the templates and the assets available to create the video that you want.

Reason number three InVideo is packed with a ton of ready made or customizable templates that are ready to go.

Clearly, all you need to do is just select a template that you like, let’s get into real estate, just choose a real estate template, and then customize it to the best of your ability.

This will help you increase your speed of creation of your videos, and anything else in between.

The other reason why you need to consider is that it has a stock library that has over 10 million assets from premium sources that is including Shutterstock and iStock.

Clearly, some of these assets are expensive. But with your InVideo subscription that is a paid plan, then you get access to over 10 million assets. That’s extremely cool.

So if you wanted to get some stock footage of a particular place, and you don’t want to travel to that place or hire somebody to take the video from that place, chances are that particular stock footage that you want is available inside

Next up is that InVideo has a powerful yet intuitive editor and timeline that allows templates switching.

So if you’re working on a particular premade template, and you just want to change that, all you need to do is just click on the new template that you want to use.

Next up there’s 24/7 live support.

And this is important especially when you’re working on different aspects of video.

So always remember, the chatbox is available for you to actually access and choose what type of help you need.

Whether you need video editing help, billing, free live demo, beta feature testing, all you need to do is just choose whatever you want and then start the chat.

Finally, there is an InVideo community with over 25,000 marketing experts and video creators ready to help you on this journey of creating videos.

Whether you’re new, whether you advanced or whether it’s your first time using, then you can get help from the people that have been using this particular application and platform to create videos, you can also get feedback for the videos that you create, and more hopefully, even interact with other people and get more ideas.

Use the link below to see the community that’s available on Facebook where you can interact with everybody. And also to access the YouTube channel for

If you’d like to get 25% of your subscription remember, the link is in the description below. It’s an affiliate link, but you’ll also have the code DMB25 to get 25% off.

So when you open, this is the interface that greets you.

If it’s your first time opening this particular webpage, you’ll see this good interface, make professional videos in five minutes. It’s easy and free and true to their word you can try it now it’s free, no credit card required.

Now, if we scroll down just as we look at the interface, then we can just scroll down slightly to see what’s available.

So they’ll give you hopefully, the different ways. And this is how it works.

You select a template and then customize it and then export and upload.

It’s a three step process, basically covering everything that you need.

So the over 5000 templates covering every industry, it’s up to you to pick what you want.

You can also automatically convert text to videos, and then you have complete control and flexibility.

We are going to see that in a moment.

And then there are templates and this is what is available this text to video option.

And then there’s a blank canvas.

So you can find ready made template.

For example, they give you an example you can try “real estate” and search.

But of importance also is the dimension of your video, depending on where your video ends up in the long run.

Whether it’s a widescreen video, let’s say on YouTube, whether it’s a vertical video, let’s say Instagram or square on Facebook, Instagram, or any social media that supports these different videos, then you need to choose whatever version works for you.

And then they’ll give you what’s hot.

And this is basically the different templates that are available here.

And you can see a promo Template, Designer promo, product and service promo product slideshow.

Basically, what you want.

A bunch of tutorials that you can go through, you can also book a webinar. And also the different things that are have been added that you can see– hover and see how it looks like. Pretty creative.

And it can spice up your video creation.

They also have some cool things that they’re highlighting here, whereby, depending on the month, there is a particular date when there’s a particular event that happens on that particular date.

So for example, December 1 is World AIDS Day, and then they have six templates for that.

So if you’re going to create videos for World AIDS Day, then this is something that you can use.

It goes on to, I believe, the 31st of December, where it’s New Year’s Eve, we have 6 templates, for Christmas, they’re about 22 templates.

So you can clearly go out of your way and just invest and look at what you can create.

So what can you do, you can create intros and logo reveals. That’s one thing, video ads, and you can see all the things that you can do.

Basically slideshows, and you can see the different top categories that you can see if you’re into into selling stuff, drop shipping and all that you can do that.

Then you can just scroll down business presentations, invites and wishes, offers and discounts, video collages, webinar promos, quote videos, testimonials, product videos, brand essentials, long formats, branding template, bite size ads, greetings, listicles, and on and on and on.

So basically, you can create any type of video that you want.

Let’s look at pricing.

Because this is important, especially if you want to know why you need to sign up for the paid plan.

And basically, the full iStock media library now is part of all in video subscriptions.

Plans made for individual and teams all sizes.

So if we actually just scroll down, you’ll see what you get with the free version, the business and the unlimited.

And you always need to note what you’re working with.

If you choose the monthly plan, it’s a little bit expensive, because it’s $30 a month for the business, and $60 a month for the unlimited. And if you go for the yearly, it goes for half.

And basically it’s billed annually. And this is billed annually. So you save money when you purchase the annual plan.

Now, the free plan, you’ll have an InVideo watermark on your videos.

You get 5000 plus video templates, 3 million plus standard media library, automated text to speech and 15 minute duration per video.

When you go to the other option, the business and they are limited.

Basically, what you get is what you get in the free but now there’s no watermark, and everything and free 10 iStock media per month, 1 million plus premium media 60 Video exports per month. That’s really awesome.

And then when you go to the unlimited version, you get no watermarks on videos, everything in free, 120 iStock media per month, 1 million plus premium media unlimited video exports.

And they’re basically more features if you scroll down to compare all the features that are available.

But this is just the highlight of the different plans, the free, business and unlimited.

Now in video was kind enough to send me a paid plan. And therefore, I’m really logged in to

And according to them, they recommend you use Google Chrome. So I’ve now moved to Google Chrome from edge– Microsoft Edge.

So that’s why you’re seeing me inside my interface. And here I am, David and it’s a premium plan.

So we can start off from pre-made templates, text video, or a blank canvas.

Basically what matters here is your creativity.

Let’s say, I want to try the pre-made templates.

So we have pre-made templates available.

And you can see the different things available. What’s hot, recently added.

But let’s say we want to create something like let’s say “pet video” or something. Pet shop or something.

So you can just click on that to see the different things available.

There are 613 templates found.

So the good thing if it’s not if you’re a freelancer and want to repurpose these type of videos for different businesses, you can easily do that.

So the different options available, this is the 16:9 wide ratio, the way you see videos on YouTube, then there is a square version of the video. This has 510 templates.

This is more or less for things like adverts and all that.

And then we can come to the 9:16, more or less like a vertical.

So let’s say we want to go with this.

And then choose the pet shop for grooming, haircut, shower, daycare, we take care of your pet, let’s just click on that. And once you click on that—

Once you click on that, it’s going to start auto-playing the promo video for pet shop.

And this template is to promote pet shop products and services or similar businesses.

? Join InVideo Today: ?
→ Use Code for 25% Discount: DMB25

If this is the type of template that you want to use, then all you need to do is just click on Use Template. But remember there are other versions here.

And if you click on this, you’ll get a note that the template is created originally in vertical 9:16 dimension.

“Elements might be misaligned in square one by one dimension if you choose to edit.”

Let’s assume we just go to the vertical and then click on use this template.

So that we can see how the editing interface looks like. It’s going to load up. Here we are, it’s loading up, basically, let’s see what we get. There we go.

The particular template has loaded up here.

And then there are 499 templates for pet shop.

Once your template opens, there are different options that you can see.

You can see the templates on the side, the uploads, the videos, the images.

If you use Canva, then you’ll notice this is almost similar, really looks good, good organization and clearly you can see what is available.

So you can see the different options available. And also the different things below here.

Now, let’s assume this is what we have, we can just scroll back. And then let’s just play.

So clearly, this is just a one scene that’s available for this, there is no extra scene, and you can create different scenes.

And the scenes are what you see here, more or less like slides, and then there’s some good, while some good music down here.

So let’s say we just want to edit what’s available.

Let’s say we want to change the contact that’s available here.

You just click inside here,

let’s just say

Let’s go to the next line, let’s say– let’s change instead of New York, let’s say something like Nairobi.

And then let’s say we offer, let’s change this to something like massage for the dog.

Looks good.

That’s massage, and then the pet shop is there, you can upload a logo if you have one.

But for this particular one, I don’t have a logo at the moment.

But if you have a logo, you can easily upload a logo inside here.

So we take care of you.

I believe this is we take care of your pet. Can you scroll down to see what means to resize and all that. Basically just holding the different handles inside here. CTRL Z Ctrl Z to take it back to where it was.

To change the colors, then you need to move to this particular option.

Let’s click on that.

And by default, this is what the template has the different colors available for the template.

And then we can just click on this Edit.

Let’s say we want to change this particular color. Let’s say we want to get into something like that.

And then click on we don’t want to save in my palettes. Let’s just click on Apply Changes.

And you see changes everything inside here.

So everything that was green goes to this particular more or less pinkish color if I’m not mistaken.

So if I wanted to change that, and then repurpose it for different outlets and all that, then that’s ready.

So I’ve just created something new petshop let’s say we rename this let’s call it vetshop.

It resizes to that particular size. So it looks good. Everything looks good.

Nothing changes, then we can just click on this to see if we can change the Canvas color. That looks bad, really bad, that might look good. But let’s just say, we just Ctrl Z Ctrl Z.

To undo the changes, and the changes, save, you can click on Save.

And sometimes I’ve noted that they are auto-saving as we go on, so that’s more or less like a 10, or 15, or 15 Second edit from a particular template.

So you can easily use premade templates inside to quickly create videos, even if you’re a beginner.

So this is a sample and then let’s just click on download and share to see the options available.

And by default, we have the 1080p. But there are other options like 720p.

Let’s say we go with the 1080p default, and click on Export.

And once we click on export, we’ll wait for it to load up and see. Click OK.

And there we go.

It’s loading up it shows you the project ID. And this is inside now your projects folder, you’ll be able to see what you’ve done that drafts, the finished, the trash.

So that’s really awesome because you’ll have somewhere that you can always see your particular assets when you want them available.

So it’s going to take a couple of minutes really depends on how fast my assumption is, or how busy the different render engine is. But let’s wait for it.

And then we’re going to preview and see if it’s something that probably we can use to promote our petshop.

So let’s wait for it and see if it has changed that we wanted to change.

Once your video is done rendering, then it’s going to load up inside this particular interface, if you can just scroll back, and then click on Play.

Looks good.

Basically, it’s the vetshop grooming services offered. And then give a good message like we take care of your pet.

And then the contact form down here.

So if that is all we wanted to do, then you can download and use it on social media to promote your business.

So let’s just click on Download Now. And if you click on this particular option, then it’s going to download onto your computer.

And if I just click on it, it’s going to open up inside, it’s going to open up inside VLC and we can see it in full.

Looks really good.

So if it’s something that you wanted to create for something like Instagram, then the swipe up option works really good.

You can promote your business or promote anything that you want.

So that is how you can edit or make videos for beginners

Basically, it’s that simple.

If you’re starting out, then you don’t need to start basically from a draft, all you need to do is just use the pre made templates are available.

And then once you’re done with that, I believe you’ll speed up the process of your creation of videos, whether it’s video ads, whether it’s promos, whether it’s social media videos, really depends on what you’re working on.

Your creativity is what is going to limit you.

But always remember, just try and work out tweak everything and if you need any feedback from the community, a link to the InVideo community on Facebook is available below. Kindly check it out.

And also, if you want to get 25% off any plan that you choose, then use the link in the description below. And the code DMB25 to get 25% of your subscription.

I believe InVideo is a really good and intuitive online video editing application.

I’ll be doing more tutorials on it.

Basically to show you the different aspects I feel that beginners need to know and understand and quickly cover as much as we can.

So hopefully this video has been a value and that you’ve learned something new.

Thanks for watching. My name is David.

Until next time, stay safe and never stop learning. Thank you for watching.

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