How to Easily Identify a Font From an Image

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In this video, I’ll show you How to Easily Identify a Font from an Image.

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Are you curious to know or identify a particular font from a design or logo, or maybe a T-shirt design that you’ve seen somewhere?

Well, if that’s you, then this video is for you.

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So, if you want to identify a font from an image, it’s pretty easy.

And I’ll walk you step by step.

For starters, we have an image on screen, and this is inside Canva.

It’s just an image from one of the designs available. And I wanted to know, is it possible to identify the fonts in this particular design.

So I don’t know beforehand what fonts have been used, it’s just a design, I just popped up.

So the next thing I did was download this particular image onto my computer.

So I already have it available here.

So it’s “awesome since 1989”.

So let us try and see if we can find out what font This is.

So the website we are going to be using is MyFonts. And the option is, or the extension is the whatthefont, so I’ll put the link in the description below.

So what MyFonts did is that they created this particular interface, and it helps you instantly identify a font.

And obviously, it’s powered by the world’s largest collection of fonts. So the process is simple.

And all you need to do is just upload an image, select the crop box for the particular section of the fonts that you want. And then you’ll see results appear.

From the results, you can try and see what font is as close to the image that you have.

And depending on maybe the font identification, a lot of fonts will be available.

And at the time of recording this video, the images that are supported include PNG and JPEG images only.

So you can either drop an image to identify or click to upload an image.

Let’s just go to a folder.

And let’s just drag and drop our image.

Once we drag and drop our image, a bunch of things will happen.

You’ll notice that we have this particular font highlighted – 1989.

The -since- section here is grayed out, but you can also click on it for it to be the highlighted section.

If you click on awesome, the same thing happens.

So let’s say we begin with the Font – Awesome.

Now, since you’ve done that, you’ll need to ‘click here to identify the selected font’.

And let’s just do that.

And then I’ll just scroll up a little bit.

Now from the image…here’s our image -here is the font that we selected from the crop section.

Now the first one we get is called Mr Darfoe – Pro regular by Sudtipos.

Now you can get it at around $45.

Now, that’s awesome.

But the question is, is this the font that has been used inside Canva? Let’s check it out.

So here’s the font. It’s Mr. Dafoe.

That’s pretty awesome. That’s pretty awesome.

Now is it going to identify the next font.

The next font is Oswald.

So from this particular option, the identification of the first font, you can see all other available fonts from this particular section.

And depending on how much or your budget, you can either decide to buy or look for fonts… if you scroll down here, you can see more results.

Now, sometimes you’ll get fonts that are free. So always look at this particular section. If you don’t have the budget to purchase a font.

You can also check out for the different fonts that you do for the different fonts that you want.

So let’s say we want to go back to the crop box.

Let’s say we want to select since…that’s been selected, click here to identify the font.

Now just click on that.

Now, we’ve seen that this particular font is called Oswald.

Now from this particular section.

Let’s just keep scrolling. I don’t see Oswald from this particular page.

Let’s see if we’re going to get that from this particular section.

Unfortunately, page two also or just the more results doesn’t show us Oswald… more or less almost now looks like Impact. Looks good.

So let’s just scroll down, scroll down.

Still not yet available.

So potentially, the font size is a little bit smaller to identify.

Now, if you don’t get a font that really looks like or the exact font, then the next best option is to always look at what font is as close to what you want as this.

So this particular font is not close to this.

This is not close to that, I think the only font that’s almost close to that…Even that is close to that. But also the budget is way out of maybe most people’s reach.

So don’t go for expensive fonts, if you can get a free fonts, or if you can get a cheaper font.

So that’s out of the way.

It’s not been able to get at least even the Oswald font in this particular list.

So you just keep checking and see what font you get.

Let’s try and see if it was going to identify the last font, or get close to identifying the last font.

So I’ll just click on it, let’s check Canva.

This particular font is called Monoton.

Let’s just go back, scroll down, click here to identify.

Now, as this is machine powered, it may not be as correct or get all the fonts correctly.

But it is going to give you at least the best match or the closest match to the fonts that you’re looking for.

So if you look at this font, it doesn’t look like this, the eight is embedding… the nine, the one has some horizontal lines up there.

So you’ll end up having to look at a font that almost gets close to what you’re looking for.

Most, this almost gets to that.

Yeah, this almost gets to this.

So this looks almost close to this, because you can see the horizontals, these are three, the nine, the eight is just an interchange of the how the eight coils, looks pretty decent.

So let’s just see, see more fonts.

Let’s see.

On this, the lines are going down.

Let’s see, let’s see. Here we go.

This almost now looks like what we’re looking at.

So it’s almost a close match. It’s just that the lines join each other here, these ones are not joined.

So that’s the difference there.

But if you haven’t, you can just keep on looking and see what the closest fonts that we’ve seen for this particular font that we’re looking at is this $5 font.

So you can just try and see if this font is…will give you the desired design that you need.

So you see it’s a complete family of four fonts normally goes for $25. It’s at regular?- Or it’s at a discount of 12.5.

So it’s called the Linebacker Regular, by Something and Nothing.

You can always add your own text, David Mbugua and you’ll see how it appears.

You can also increase the size to see how he’s going to look like when you have it maximized and all that.

So looks pretty decent, looks good for design, if you’re working on a fancy design or retro design, like what we have here, inside Canva.

So basically, that’s a simple and easy tutorial on how you can easily identify a font from an image using

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