How To Contact PayPal Customer Support (and Get a Reply)

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In this video, I’ll show you how to Contact PayPal Customer Support to resolve any issues with refunds, account limitations, or verifications.


In this video, I’ll show you how to contact PayPal customer support and get a reply for your issue.

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Now, let’s begin.

So we’re inside PayPal.

And the simplest way to contact PayPal is just by scrolling to the bottom.

Once you do that, you’ll get to a point where we have the Contact Us message, just click on that.

And from this particular page that we have here, it’s the Help Center.

And these are they’re a bunch of options or questions that can help you without contacting PayPal customer service.

Now, this is just about the common issues that you may be going through, let’s say, PayPal, maybe issue with verification, maybe somebody asked for a refund, and all that, or you want to dispute or your account is limited, because these things do happen.

So the first way is to use this section search for your particular query and see if there’s a response, or an answer that will work for you.

Next up, you can ask the community.

Now, depending on when you’re available on PayPal, there are a couple of people who are available that can help you with getting your issue resolved.

Pretty straightforward.

The resolution center, and mostly this resolves transactions or account issues.

So that’s another thing.

And finally, you can either call them.

Now, if you decide to call people, please note that for example, as in Kenya, you need to have enough credit, because you’re going to wait in line for a while really depending on how many people have called.

So let’s say we want to call and speak to a human being.

Click on call us.

And what happens is that you’re going to get a one time passcode that will be prompted when you call the number below.

Now, really depending on where you are in the world, the number may be different.

But the customer service hours are Monday through Friday 9AN to 5:30PM local, South African time.

So you can either check out for solutions on the Help Center, ask the community or even call them using the number provided under the Contact Us section.

Those are some of the few ways you can contact PayPal from their website.

Now, if you want faster replies, use social media.

Now, why am I saying you use social media? Because I know it works and it is faster.

So the first option is to use Twitter.

So Twitter is known for its efficiency, in terms of replies, in terms of response and all that.

So if you have a question, or if you have an issue with your PayPal account verification, limitation, just try and use PayPal support via social media channels, that is Facebook and Twitter.

So from Twitter, you can either tweet them a message, but if it contains sensitive details, then ensure that you use – send us a private message.

And you will get your response fast.

Now, the downside to calling them that we looked at previously is that most people due to COVID and all that are working from home, you may or may not get somebody getting to the phone, but try and use these particular messages.

And you can also see that due to COVID-19 impact responses will be delayed.

So please bear with them if they don’t reply to you as soon as you want them to.

And finally, Facebook is another alternative.

So for example, what happens is that when you contact PayPal, and this is their Facebook page., and it’s the one with a verified tick.

Now, what happens is that you’ll get through pre-qualification by a bot.

So for example, if I click on that, say get started.

Hi, David.

New to PayPal? My account payments?

Let’s say payments, what can I do to help you with your PayPal payment?

So I was writing to inquire about PayPal to MPesa withdrawals, getting refunded to my paypal account instead of getting to my MPesa.

So thanks for messaging me, which topic best fits your needs.

Now, you’ll notice it’s a bot because it responds like I did not understand my particular message.

But please follow along with this because it’s going to finally get you through to customer support.

So I say payments again.

What can I do to help you with a PayPal PayPal payment?


No problem.

I can help you with refunds. What would you like to do?

Request a refund. Check a refund. Processing.

This time, I answer- know why money is being refunded to payPal rather than being withdrawn to M pesa.

Would you like to chat with customer support agent, or you can search the PayPal Help Center.

Now, at this point, you know that the bot has given up, and it’s time to take you through to customer support.

So, select the option, chat with an agent.

That’s pretty awesome.

So I’ve placed your message into the queue, and an agent will respond back as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please tell me your specific question and provide the email address on file with your PayPal account.

Now, I won’t proceed from here because my email address is going to show down here.

But the conversation ended well, and I had a chat with a customer care agent from PayPal.

So it’s pretty easy to contact PayPal if you have an issue with verification or refund or maybe limitation using the ways that I’ve mentioned.

To recap, you can check for solutions from the Help Center.

You can also call the number that’s available from the Contact Us page and talk to a customer care representative from PayPal.

You can also contact them via Twitter. Or finally you can contact them via PayPal, or even via email.

So that’s it for this video.

I hope it’s going to be of use or benefit to somebody who’s in a situation where they need to contact PayPal for the different and varied reasons available.

Thank you for watching.

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