How to Automatically Transcribe Audio or Video Using Sonix AI

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In this video, I’ll show you how to Automatically Transcribe Audio or Video to Text Using Sonix.AI. Try Sonix 👉 supports transcription and translation of audio in 30+ languages and it’s one of the automatic transcription websites with a transcript editing interface that I love.

Here are the steps to have automatically transcribe your audio or video to text.

  1. Open an account on
  2. Upload you Audio or video
  3. Fill in the details required e.g. the language of the audio or video and any other parameters in question.
  4. Wait for Sonix automatic transcription engine to automatically transcribe your audio.
  5. Make any necessary edits to your transcript.
  6. Export your transcript in any of the formats available.


In this video, I’ll show you how to automatically transcribe your audio or video into text or subtitles using

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On screen is the default page.

And automatically it supports about 40 plus languages. And it’s fast, accurate and affordable.

That is according to them, but all we need to do is just check out how it works.

But basically, there’s automated transcription, automated translation into other different languages, automated subtitles- which is a very important thing, especially if you want to do social media videos, etc.

You can share and publish or even embed your transcripts, especially for things like podcasts on your website– for SEO friendly transcripts that are interactive.

You can also collaborate with Teams. That is if you delegate some tasks to people, then people can easily –you can easily work with people on the same project.

That is you do your recording, you upload your files, and somebody else works on the transcripts to make sure that they are ready.

And by the way, you can check out Sonix from the link below.

So something that is also important, how much does it cost.

So, Sonix is not that expensive, because it has a model of pay as you go.

For example, the standard package is $10 per hour.

And this is not the time it takes to automatically transcribe the audio. But if you have a one hour audio, it costs about $10 to transcribe or automatically transcribe that particular piece of audio or video.

So you get to know that, but it’s pretty cheap.

So let’s get into the reason why you got to watch this video– and that is automatically transcribing your video.

So I’m already logged into my account. And all we need to do is simple.

Just a couple of steps, you can either use this button the upload button, or click on this one that has just click on this upload button.

And once you click on the Upload button, you get to the interface where you need to upload your audio or video files, so that Sonix can automatically transcribe the particular file for you.

So since I’m on the free trial for the purposes of this video, and you can always try it out before you embark or before you decide to purchase – there are three steps you upload the file, you add some relevant details, and then Sonix will automatically transcribe.

So you can drag and drop different formats, but the maximum size they support at the time of recording this video is 4GB.

So you can see the format’s here, that is for the audio wav, mp3, m4a, aiff, aac, ogg, wmv.

As for the video, they support avi, WMV, Mov, , mp4, M4V, MPEG, OGG.

So you can either select from the computer or drag and drop or also, you can download or select from Zoom, Dropbox, Google Drive and they also have the option for YouTube beta, which is pretty awesome.

And is potentially one of the few automatic transcription websites that is actually supporting YouTube beta to do this.

So, since I already have the folder with a file, I want to have Sonix automatically transcribe, I’ll just drag and drop it, and it’s a short file, 20 seconds, just drag and drop it.

And once we do that, that’s the first step. And the first step is you uploading your file, and it’s already uploaded.

And then we go to the next step, you need to select what language was spoken.

I know it’s in English. So that’s okay.

If it’s in a different language, you can select it from here.

It really depends on what you’re working with.

If you have a different language, as I’ve mentioned, it supports more than 30 or 40 plus languages to automatically transcribe.

So we work with English.

And once you’re ready to transcribe, just click on Yes, start transcribing now.

So –then we go to the next step, you’ll either get an email, or you can wait for it to finish.

Since this is a short file, a 20 second file, I’m sure is just going to be done in just like a couple of a few more seconds right now.

Now the workflow may be different.

For example, if you have different speakers, if you have background noise in your audio, you may get a step where you need to select and mentioned that or indicate that that particular audio or video has background noise or no background noise.

That is something that you may get if you’ve not seen it in this particular video.

But just take note.

Let’s just give these a couple of more seconds so that we can see the result that we are going to get once it’s done.

So it’s done transcribing and all we can do is just click on this particular title– that is the name.

Just click on it.

And once we click on it we’ll get to the interface where we can edit our particular text.

And you can see us by default we get the quality –very minimal edits required.

Basically what they’ve done since these are short file it’s in American English the confidence level is at 98.04% for 50 words.

The one word that they are fairly confident about is just one word which is 1.96.

We can just click out of here so that we can see the transcript and this is where we’ll see how our transcript looks like.

It looks pretty good but if we look at up here you can check out the file the translations if you wanted to translate to a different language you can use this option but please remember it’s going to consume the minutes that you have but if you have a package and want to translate it into different languages you can use this or you can also do the subtitles you can also do the time codes, speakers, notes etc.

These are the options to play and all that but you also have the options to play and pause in the individual — that is paragraphs for these particular options here and you can also add a note and also once you’re done making the edits to these so that you don’t keep coming back to the particular block that you’ve worked on you can mark as completed.Which is pretty awesome.

But let us see let us see and listen and see if this is what is in the audio.

Let’s just play.

“Hello there, welcome to lesson 4A Medicare supplement plans also known as medigap plans. In this lesson we will review the basics of medigap plans that you learn today in class.At the end of our course there will be a short quiz. Are you ready? Great. Let’s get started.”

Now looking at this particular automatic transcript from Sonix– it’s pretty awesome.

Let’s just break this down.

Let’s just break this down.

Hello there welcome to lesson 4A.

I know this is four– the number 4A.

Let’s just combine the medicare supplement plans and then just take out the particular comma there.

Also known as medigap plans. In this lesson we will review the basics of medigap plans that you learned today in class. At the end of the course there will be a short quiz. Are you ready? Great. Let’s get started.

It’s pretty awesome what it does actually picked off and automatically transcribed.

Now this is an audio from an American accent and i’ve tested it out with my own accent which for me English is not my first language.

It’s potentially even a fourth language but it does a pretty good job to pick out my voice, my accent so i can say that it is something that you can use to automatically transcribe your audio and video files and save time and just use some little time to make the different edits.

So the process is simple upload, save or add the details required that is you can select the language and also if you get a prompt of whether the audio has multiple speakers you can make sure that that is checked background noise etc.

And then once you’re done let Sonix do its magic in the background and once it’s done it’s going to send you an email that your transcript is ready or you can still wait for it to be done and then you get into the editing section and make any relevant edits that you want to do.

So that’s how you can easily transcribe your audio or video using

Thank you for watching this video.

Kindly stick around check my other videos on how to share your transcript that is how to embed your transcript on your blog or even how to export subtitles from

Thanks for watching. Until next time, stay safe and never stop learning.

Thank you for watching this video.

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