How to Add or Import SRT Subtitles in Vegas Pro 18

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In this video, I’ll show you how to Add or Import SRT Subtitles in Vegas Pro 18, change the location of the subtitles and finally burn the subtitles as open captions to your video.

In this video, I’ll show you how to add or import SRT subtitles in Vegas Pro 18.

Hi, my name is David. And if you get value from this video, kindly like it and share it with your friends, so that we can all learn together on screen is Vegas Pro 18.

Vegas Pro is a versatile, nonlinear video editing application that was owned previously by Sony. But now it’s owned by Magix.

And mostly you’ll see on the internet, this application being called Magix Vegas Pro.

So that’s out of the way, let’s begin.

So I already have the video file that I want to add the subtitles to, or if it’s a project you’re working on, and the SRT subtitle as a separate file.

And this is how our SRT subtitle file looks like.

So it has a number, time codes and the transcript or the subtitle file in here, and then a space and then a number, time code, etc, etc.

So this is already prepared, we are not preparing it inside Vegas Pro 18.

So what we’re going to do now is we are going to drag a video, just drag and drop our video inside here.

So what it’s going to prompt you is… “Do you want to set your project video settings to match this media?”

This media has a different setting, the project setting is 1920 by 1080. But the video is in 1280 by 720.

So I’ll just click on Yes.

And it’s going to change that. And once we do that, our video file is ready, we can just adjust slightly the audio- so that we can see the waveforms down here.

So the next thing is to add or import our subtitle. And it’s pretty easy.

All you need to do is just come to the Insert button here.

Just click on that, click on Insert subtitles from file, just click on that.

And once you click on that, navigate to the folder with the subtitles, you want to import, just click on Browse.

And then we can just go to add import.

And by default, what we have here is that it selects the text files.

So I can just move this up slightly. So that we see the options available.

There’s Comma Separated Values files, that is CSV, or SubRip subtitle files or SRTs.

So if I click on SRT, then our SRT file is going to be available.

So I’ll just click on it, and then click on open.

Now, our preset should remain as subtitle, and use current preset as default, since this is what we want, and then we can just click on OK.

Once we click on OK. Our subtitles will be loaded up as Vegas titles and text.

So it is going to have a different number, depending on how many files that you have, or they’re going to be laid out as text events inside here. And if you look closely here, you’ll see all the subtitles available.

If I click on top of one here, you’ll notice that it’s available here.

“With the recent update on the YouTube interface it’s now easier…”

I don’t like that particular color.

And I wish that it would be easier to just generally apply a different like background for all the subtitles.

So our subtitles have been imported inside Vegas Pro 18.

So we can just go to the start and play to see if they align with our media. But we can still zoom in.

And if we just look we’ll notice that it’s already aligning, because the subtitles, have time codes.

And this audio obviously it has time codes, let’s just play.

“With the recent update on the YouTube interface, it’s now easier than before to download youtube transcripts.

Hi, my name is David from Freelancer insights…”

Now if we can clearly see that the subtitles come in when they’re supposed to come in. So this is a good thing. If especially, you’re going to be burning in subtitles with your video.

One thing I’d like to note is that you can change some of the few settings with the subtitles I by checking out the text events of the particular file that you’re working on. Let’s say we just click on let’s see, generate media.

And you’ll see a bunch of things here you can change the color, you can change location, for example.

Let’s just see if we can adjust this and the subtitle can be adjusted maybe somewhere there.

If you want it to move it out of the way and it was obscuring some text you can do that.

And if you look at the subtitle is going to be down here and if you want to do the editing, for the location, you can do that.

What I’ve found quite difficult when working with this is adjusting the background.

If you decide to adjust the background, let’s say, to a different color, let’s say for a particular event, let’s say this event. Let’s say this is what we’re working on, trying to adjust that to a different color.

Let’s move this.

It potentially seems like nothing works or nothing happens, can just adjust that, it just works for the media below it.

And if I just click here, you’ll notice that the media below this particular subtitle is what changes.

So we can just do Ctrl Z to just remove that particular edit that we made.

So I’ll still tinker around with it to know how this works and how somebody can use it to their advantage when editing subtitles before burning in because having these particular white on, let’s say a white surface, then doesn’t really give us a good look for subtitles.

So that’s how you add or import subtitles in Vegas Pro 18.

Now if you want to produce your video, with the subtitles, all you need to do is just come to file, render as and that is going to give you the different options that you want to render.

Let’s say you want to render, let’s see this is a video that is in 1280.

Let’s say we go with this 720.. Yeah, 720 25 frames per second.

And then let’s say we call it – with subs.

Let’s go into the Documents folder.

And then if you’re satisfied with this, then all you need to do is just click on render, let’s just do that.

Depending on the resources of your computer, the length of your video, and the different options available, then these may take a long or short time.

Really depends on what you have going on with your computer. So let’s see what we are going to get. Once this is done.

It’s going to be in about a minute or so it’s going to be done. But as we can still see, with the live preview back here, you can notice that it’s very difficult to see the subtitles, maybe somebody can apply a shadow on this so that they can be visible once they are burned in the video.

That might make some more sense when working with these type of content. So video is almost done rendering.

So it’s pretty fast, pretty easy to add subtitles these are ready made SRT subtitles to your video.

And then once you’re done, render the video with the subtitles as burned in subtitles in Vegas Pro 18.

I wish that they work on the subtitling interface. That’s one of one of the sections that failed in improving this particular application.

Sony did not improve it and Magix have have not yet improved this particular application.

Now video is done rendering, so we can just click on – Open it just open the video.

“With the recent…”

You can see the subtitles are back here. There’s some like shadow on this. But it’s still not very legible against a black background.

“…update on the YouTube interface. It’s now easier than before to download You…”

So you can see how we positioned the subtitle up here, it adheres to that.

I wish it was possible to customize like the background to have like a black transparent background for all the subtitles then that would make more sense.

“…Youtube transcripts. Hi, my name is David.”

And then we come back here.

So basically, that’s a step by step video tutorial on how to add or import SRT subtitles and burn them to the video in Vegas Pro 18.

Thank you for watching this video. I hope it was valuable to you.

And if it was, give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends.

And until next time, stay safe and never stop learning.

Thank you for watching this video.

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