8 Categories of Easy Jobs on Upwork That Require Little To No Experience (Examples Included)

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Are you looking to get hired for easy jobs on Upwork? It’s your lucky day.

I’ve been on Upwork for over 9 years and one of the questions I get is, “What are some easy jobs on Upwork?”

In this post, I’ll answer the question, “What are some easy jobs on Upwork?”, show you why you should apply to these simple jobs on Upwork, how to find them and most importantly the easy jobs that require little to no experience.

Let’s get started!

If you’re a beginner or you’ve been on Upwork for a while and you’re not getting hired then this post will be of benefit to you and potentially get you your first job.

Why Should you Apply to Easy Jobs on Upwork?

1. Upwork Connects Cost Money.

To apply for work on Upwork, you need connects.

Connects cost money and this is one hurdle that you need to jump as fast as possible to keep your costs down.

You don’t want to waste your connects on difficult or jobs that require experienced freelancers, therefore, applying to easy jobs is definitely a plus.

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2. To get job history and feedback

According to Upwork, your profile, portfolio, feedback and work history is one of the determining factors when clients are hiring.

Clients want to see what others have to say about you, what’s your rating and communication like and what similar job have you done that’s related to their job posting. 

Easy jobs don’t necessarily require clients to see your job history but they are a good way to get clients to have a taste of other client’s experience working with you.

3. Easy jobs tend to be One Time Jobs and a source for quick money.

The nature of these simple jobs on Upwork is that they are jobs that need quick turnarounds, are one time and very easy tasks. 

You want to get started with these jobs as fast as you can to get some quick money to buy connects and get feedback.

Quick and Easy Job on Upwork - Quick Feedback
Quick and Easy Job on Upwork – Quick Feedback

4. If you’re not getting hired on Upwork.

If you have been on Upwork for a while or recently reactivated your profile, applying to easy jobs can give your profile a boost and improve visibility to potential clients. 

It’s frustrating when you keep writing proposals to jobs that you’re qualified for and not getting hired or even interviewed and the jobs we’ll discuss here can help you break that cycle. 

Now let’s look at:

Characteristics of Easy Jobs on Upwork

1. Low priced 

This is not always the case but most of these jobs are low paying gigs.

2. Time Consuming To The Client.

Clients want to work on their business, not in their business and some of the tasks are repetitive and can be easily outsourced. 

3. Highly Competitive.

These jobs are competitive and require you to be quick in applying because they are simple and applications can pile up fast.

4. One Time Project.

Since these jobs are easy, they don’t have any longevity in them unless the tasks are repetitive and time-consuming.

Let’s look at:

How to Search and Identify Easy Jobs on Upwork.

Before we discuss the jobs that you can get easily hired for, it’s important we cover how to find easy jobs on Upwork.

Upwork is a goldmine for freelance work and knowing what terms to search for will give you an upper edge.

Here are some key search terms you can focus on to get these easy jobs.

  1. Newbie
  2. No Experience
  3. Train (I’m willing to train)
  4. Copy and Paste
  5. Newbies Welcome
  6. Your language 
  7. Application or software that you use every day e.g. Instagram, Excel, 

We’ve already covered the why and how to find easy jobs on Upwork.
Now let’s dive into:

8 Categories of Easy Jobs Beginners can Do on Upwork

This also applies to freelancers that are not getting hired.

Here’s a step-by-step video on How to Get Your First Job on Upwork.

1. Newbie-Friendly Jobs.

When you’re new on Upwork, no client wants to work with you because you lack work history and feedback. 

Fair enough!

Clients need a glimpse of what other clients have to say about you and therefore if you’re applying to intermediate or expert type of jobs on Upwork, chances are, the client will settle for a freelancer that has already worked on Upwork.

Some clients are very generous and know that we all started with no work history or feedback and encourage newbies to apply. 

These are the newbie-friendly jobs on Upwork.

Clients specifically indicate, “newbies welcome” in the job title or job description and most of these tasks are easy to do and clients even provide training for some of the jobs.

Here’s an example of a simple search for these jobs.

Newbie Friendly Jobs
Newbies Welcome Job Posting On Upwork

If there’s anything holding you back it’s you making that search for “newbie friendly” and “newbies welcome jobs”.

2. No-Brainer Jobs

No-brainer is defined in the
Cambridge dictionary as;

With this in mind, no-brainer jobs are simple and easy jobs that require little to no experience and most of the time do not require a lot of mental resources to accomplish.

These jobs include data entry, designing thumbnails in Canva, downloading YouTube videos, etc.

Here’s a no-brainer job posted on Upwork that involves downloading YouTube videos.

Easy Job on Upwork - Download YouTube Videos
Easy Job on Upwork – Download YouTube Videos

Are you starting to see how easy it is to get hired on Upwork? 

3. Location-Based Jobs

The world is a global marketplace and freelancing on Upwork has made it possible for anyone around the world to earn a living working from home, on a beach or even when traveling.

Some jobs posted on Upwork require someone to be in a particular country to do the job and this is an easy job as far as I’m concerned. 

For example, a few months ago, I was invited to apply to a job posting that required me to film a 2-minute video for a client and send the raw file to them.

The only requirement was that the client required me to go with my own video recording gear and film the talents.

This saves the client time and money they’d have otherwise spent on flights, hotels, filming gear, etc.

I declined the job invite because I was busy and a fellow Kenyan freelancer got hired for the job and made a cool $200 to film a 2-minute video. 

Here’s a screenshot of that job posting.

Camera man with equipment for filming an interview in Nairobi
Location-based job in Nairobi

What makes these an easy job is because it is specific and location-based and therefore it reduces the competition and increases your chances of getting hired and making good money. See? 

4. Language Related Jobs

One of the easiest jobs on Upwork probably involves the translation of content from one language to another. 

Don’t get me wrong. 

Translation is one of the most valuable skills that can make you money on Upwork and the ability to translate content from one language to another without distorting meaning is what’s expected.

Easy? Yep.

Some of the translation jobs include:

  • Translating web content
  • Translating subtitles
  • Translating letters, documents, etc

Freelancers that are versed in language pairs that are not competitive easily get hired without much effort.

For example, freelancers that know Somali, are not very many on Upwork, therefore if you’re versed in Somali and English, it’s very easy to get jobs on Upwork for these language pairs. 

Here’s a sample job on Upwork of client that required a video editor who knows Somali.

Video Editor Who Speaks Somali
Video Editor Who Speaks Somali

Competition is not as stiff as other language pairs and these jobs make for some of the simplest jobs on Upwork.

Head over to Upwork and make a search for a language-related job posting.

5. Web and App Testing Jobs

Every freelancer accessing jobs on Upwork either has a smartphone or computer (laptop) that is running Windows, Mac, iOs, Android or any other operating system.

Website and applications testing jobs are frequent and they are characterized by being easy, quick money and quick feedback jobs. 

All you need is to install and test the functionalities of the application.

Here’s a sample of a job posting that requires mobile testing for freelancers in Niger.

Mobile Testing Job on Upwork
Mobile Testing Job on Upwork

NOTE: Kindly ensure that you’re comfortable with installing random applications on your laptop or smartphone.
Some may be harmful and part of phishing scams.  

How to Make Money From Home Testing Websites and Apps (No-experience Required)

6. Resources Based Jobs

Often are the times I see clients requesting for freelancers that have specific computer hardware, software or internet bandwidth to do a quick task on their behalf.

I consider these an easy job if you have the required resources. 

For example, if you have access to a high-speed internet connection, you may find jobs that require quick download and re-upload of videos.

The client specifically requests to see your speed test results before they hire you and if you can satisfy their needs, you’re hired. 

Other jobs require computer resources specifically RAM and Processor power, especially when dealing with heavy computer applications. 

If you have the required resources and know-how to perform the required task, you can easily get hired without enduring a ton of competition.

I hope you’re getting that light bulb moment and you’re getting the hang of things. 
Don’t limit yourself to the skills or niche that’s in your profile.

7. Career Related Jobs

One thing I love about Upwork is that you can apply to different jobs not only what’s on your profile.

This resonates with the times, where one skill is not enough. You need to be skilled in different fields to avoid becoming obsolete. 

I studied Veterinary Medicine at The University of Nairobi and although I work in a very unrelated field to what I went to school for, I occasionally, do veterinary-related work. 

A few months ago, I worked on a veterinary-related PowerPoint job. 

Everything that I was working on was just like a jog of my memory.

It felt good. It was easy.

Here’s the Job offer:

Surgery Powerpoint Job on Upwork
Surgery Powerpoint Job on Upwork

So if you’re an accountant, doctor, nurse, computer scientist, or your career is not related to your profile, feel free to search for career-related jobs, you’ll be surprised at the kind of jobs that are on Upwork.

8. Country Restriction Related Jobs.

Some of the web-based applications we use on a daily basis are not available around the world. 

Most of the time, these jobs relate to apps being blocked and clients that request this service normally have access to the files when they are in their country but not in the restricted countries.

For example, you’ll find a client that needs a YouTube video of a talk or seminar they attended downloaded and re-uploaded for them on a different file hosting site. 

This is because YouTube is not available in the country they are in. 

If you want to get hired on Upwork fast and easily consider applying to these simple jobs that require little to no experience.

In conclusion, there are many easy jobs on Upwork that require little to no experience and they include:

  1. Newbie Friendly Jobs
  2. No-Brainer Jobs
  3. Location-Based Jobs
  4. Language Related Jobs
  5. Web and App Testing Jobs
  6. Resources Based Jobs
  7. Career-Related Jobs
  8. Country Restrictions Related Jobs.

What job category are you going to apply to on Upwork? Let me know in the comments. 

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Easy Jobs on Upwork for Beginners
Easy Jobs on Upwork for Beginners

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