How to Crop or Put a Picture or Image in a Shape Using Canva

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In this video, I’ll show you how to crop or put a picture or image inside a shape using Canva.

Adding a picture inside a shape in Canva is very easy and all you need is the photo in question and a frame of your choice.


In this video, I’ll show you how to crop or put a picture or image inside a shape using Canva.

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So, by the end of this video, you should be able to do something like this.

So this is just a template for a Facebook post, “The dark blue woman photo”, and having a picture inside a shape is a good way to consolidate things and make things look good.

For example, this picture looks really good.

And if you have the paid version, then the logo will no other Canva a logo will not be available. But you can easily understand the message being displayed here.

So let’s go back to a blank template here.

And let’s say we just want to — for example, I have an image here, this image– of me and my wife.

And I just want to put it inside the shape, and then either crop her out, or something of the sort, maybe I want to use the image for something else.

So I’ll just come into the elements here.

And then scroll down until you get to frames.

I prefer to use the frames because these are more or less like transparent.

And all you need to do is just drag and drop your picture inside.

So let’s say we want to do a circular photo– that’s really popular.

And we just drop in our frame inside here.

And then we’ll just go to the uploads, and then select our photo.

And then just drag and drop it.

Once we drop it inside the circular frame it’s going to adjust.

So let us say we– I just wanted to take out my wife and then just leave myself in here.

I can just click on crop.

And what happens is that the image is going to be highlighted.

So you can just make the adjustments as you wish.

So I’ll just hold the end here and pull it up to somewhere like that.

And then click on Done.

And all we have now is just my face and all that –just a headshot.

So this is a good way to actually do that. And it’s pretty simple.

Something else you can do, maybe you can decide to like add a shape with some color, let’s say we just drag and drop a shape here.

And then we can just slightly adjusted -like that.

And then let’s say we position backward. So you see these circular shape with a dark color.

Let’s say we change the color.

Sorry about that Ctrl Z. Let’s see.

Let’s just do Ctrl Z again, we bring it forward, let’s say we add this particular color, or control Z.

And then let’s just click on this, change the color.

And then let’s position it at the back.

So we have my photo with a good like circular or purplish color to go with it.

So if that is all you wanted, you can export this and if you have the pro you can export with a transparent background.

You can also now start either –group this and then you can make the edits together so that you can add your text or message the way you want, like we’ve already seen here.

So for example, here, we can just remove this image.

Let’s just delete and you see these just circular frame.

And then we can look at some photos here.

Let’s say –“Begin with the trend in mind”. Let’s say– “Need a style update?”

Some of the photos here I just searched for lady.

Let’s say this photo looks good. You can just drag it here.

And as it looks in drives curiosity and all that, but you can just click and crop and then try to adjust it slightly and then move it to that position.

And then just click on Done. And I think it looks good.

So I can easily draw you in to actually want to see what style update I’m going to be having.

When I either use the product or whatever is being advertised.

So that’s how you can crop or put a picture or image inside a shape using Canva.

Thanks for watching this video.

I hope it has been a value. Until next time, stay safe and never stop learning.

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