How to Avoid Freelancer Burnouts

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The addictive nature of freelance work can leave one wanting to work more or for longer hours. It is understandable that we all want to make more money, but too much work with minimal rest may lead to burnouts.

This short piece offers you ways to avoid freelancer burnouts.

a) Don’t bite more than you can chew

Burn outs occur when you have too much work within a short time. This would mean you get no or little rest. It also causes mental fatigue. Never bite more than you can chew. Only apply for work that you can comfortably handle.

Never bite more than you can chew.

Applying for too much work will leave you worried, frustrated and too busy to even sleep. It sometimes results in passed deadlines that are detrimental to your freelancing career and can ruin a good relationship between you and your client.

Furthermore you embarked on freelancing to be your own boss and not a slave 🙂

b) Freelancing on the same job category from January to December

Freelancer burnouts also occur when the job becomes monotonous and boring, yet the freelancer feels like they must just force themselves to do them.

To avoid these, ensure you diversify your skills and ventures.

Apply for different types of jobs, which require your skills. This will leave you upbeat and looking forward to working every day.

Diversify your skills.

c) Time Management

Plan and manage your work time carefully to allow some relaxing and other social functions.

Going out, having family time or just relaxing is therapy for boredom, which will help you avoid burn out.

d) Sleep! Sleep! SleeP!

Sleeping allows your body to rest and regain energy. Most online freelancers work late into the night, and some sleep short hours.

Sleep enough to avoid burnout. Lack of sleep causes fatigue, which may lead to burnouts. Learn more on The Importance of Sleep on BBC.

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