How to Add Multiple Subtitles to a YouTube Video in the YouTube Studio

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In this video, I’ll show you how to Add Multiple Subtitles to a YouTube Video.


In this video, I’ll show you how to add multiple subtitles to a YouTube video inside the YouTube studio.

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Thank you for watching this video.

And let’s begin.

Just to get this out of the way, the subtitles that I’m going to use are automatically translated.

And I’ve already done a video on how to automatically translate subtitles for your videos.

So you can check that video out.

But what we are going to do is that we are going to just add multiple subtitles to our video.

So I already have the video in question here. And I can just click on details.

And once I do this, let’s say I wanted to add extra files to this, just click on subtitles on the left, and then add language.

That is depending on the subtitles that you have.

If we go to my folder, I have two Subtitle files.

One is in Spanish, this file. This is Spanish SRT file for that particular video.

And then we have the other one in German. And these are automatically transcribed.

So just bear with it if there’s any issue.

But this process is just to show you how to add multiple files.

So once you do that, you just need to come to this particular subtitling section.

Let’s click on Add language.

And let’s say we press ‘G’ so that we can select German.

And once we do that, you can add a title and description if this is available.

But since this is not available, the title, you can do this, this is paramount and you see there’s an asteric here telling you the title is required.

So if you know German, you can just put it in here.

Let’s just paste it inside there.

Just click on Publish.

That’s published.

And then let’s go to the subtitle, just click on Add.

And then from this particular section, you need to add a German and you see the title here.

And then you need to upload.

Just click on Upload. And the option available is only with timing.

I’ve already walked you through the process of converting a text file to a subtitle file.

But adding a subtitle file for translated language or for different language, you need to upload an SRT subtitle file that has timings already appended.

Then let’s just click on Continue.

Now we’ll just come into a folder and here the subtitles these two, and we need this one .de that’s the German our subtitle file, just click on open.

And once you do that, it’s going to be loaded onto the platform.

If you’re okay with this, then all you need to do is just click on publish, just click on that.

And the German subtitle file is going to be appended.

Let’s say we wanted to also add the Spanish one.

Just click on Add language, and then press on s scroll down to Spanish.

Just click on that.

And then we can add a title.

Let’s just say we just want to copy this title.

But you have –if you have a translation of this particular title in title in Spanish, just add this here, and then click on Publish.

And then just click on Add. We navigate upload the file.

And with timing as always, and remember it’s in Spanish.

Let’s click on Continue.

And then we’ll just click on ‘es’.

This one with .es –that’s espanol. Just click on open.

And once you do that, if you’re satisfied with this, just click on Publish.

The reason why you may need to do this is because maybe the viewers of your YouTube channel are coming from these different countries or countries that speak German or Spanish.

So you’re going to get more people watching your content because you’re catering to them.

If you’re doing videos in different languages this also helps people who are trying to learn the language, people who also enjoy or want to enjoy your content, although there’s a language barrier, so this is pretty awesome.

But that’s how you can add multiple subtitle files to a YouTube video inside the YouTube studio.

I hope this video has been of value to anyone that’s looking to do that.

Thank you for watching and until next time, stay safe and never stop learning.

Thank you so much for watching this video.

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